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Our booking policy is designed to ensure the best experience for both clients and artists. 


  • If you make a payment to us, we will take it as you have read and agreed to our booking policy. 

  • When we say “we”, we mean Navreet Johal Makeup Artistry (ABN 66 520 584 600) and/or any artists of the company, as the context requires.



  • All bookings require a non-refundable deposit to secure the appointment. We will issue you with a confirmation message once we have received your payment. If you haven’t received this confirmation message, you may not have a confirmed booking with us yet.

  • The outstanding balance is to be paid on the day of appointment before the artist commences service. 



  • All prices are subject to change, if you have already paid a deposit then you retain the rates invoiced at the time of booking for the respective booking.


Bridal trials

  • Wedding day and bridal trials are separate services.  Booking a trial does not guarantee your wedding day reservation unless we receive a separate deposit for the wedding day. 

  • Because of the changes we need to make in a trial session, we do not recommend professional photography sessions to take place after the trial.  Please make a separate booking for makeup and hairstyling service prior to a professional photo shoot session.



  • Clients must arrive on time for their appointment, any client more than 15 minutes late will result in a cancellation of the booking, and deposits will be forfeited. In the case of an emergency please contact your artist as soon as possible.

  • The makeup artist reserves the right to cancel a booking at their own discretion. We hold a zero tolerance for disrespect towards our team or any circumstances in which we are placed at risk. Any client that does not comply will also be restricted from future services.



  • In the case we are required to stay behind for reasons that are beyond our control, for example your guest arrives the appointment late, or your photographer requires more than a couple of photos during the makeup and hair process, we can only stay beyond our estimated completion time subject to our capacity.  In this case, we will bill our additional time charges directly to the client. 



  • If you require us to travel to your preferred location, a callout fee applies which will be quoted at time of booking.  In the case of travel required to a hotel/apartment, please ensure parking spot/s are organised prior to arrival. All parking fees are to be covered by the client. Our team carry heavy professional kits and equipment, therefore we will rely on you to arrange the most convenient parking facility.


Health and safety

  • We reserve the right to implement new health policies, or amend existing health policies, from time to time, in which you would be required to adhere to our latest health policies for the purpose of protecting yourself, our team and other clients.


Preferred artist

  • We will try our best to honor any particular preference or request for a specific artist, however we require the flexibility to be able to allocate artists from our team or external contractors to attend your appointment if the circumstances warrant us to do so.


Photography and Image Copyright

  • ​It is imperative that we continue to update our portfolio and demonstrate our work to future prospective brides. All photographs taken by us are the property of Navreet Johal Makeup Artistry and may be used for marketing purposes on social media or in print. Notify in advance if you do not wish to be photographed or images not to be utilised for social media purposes, all artists will be notified.

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